Saturday, June 12, 2010

NO to Smartbro Share-It Internet Connection

NO to Smartbro Share-It Broadband, WHY?

here is the 3 reason why?.....

1. You cant even play Facebook Properly.... because the signal is UP to 2mbps but frankly your lucky to reach 50kbps....

2. You cant even Download not too large documents...because the signal is based on their mobile phone signal that's why the internet connection is not that stable, try to ping test @ the device and it'll show you why....

3. Your Doom for 2 years..... even you don't like the service you can't return it...... their service is good if you want to avail services but if you plan to disconnect or don't like their service...I'll be damn.....

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Billing payment On-Line

Now a Day thier are so many services offered in the internet one of this is on-line payment/Billing Payment. This kind of service is now one of the leading transaction that is being made in the WWW. Many web site offer this kind of service and a part from this an specific web site such as provide credit card payments directly over the Internet. Thier solution,handles the technical interface, provides risk management information and daily reconciliation and they are able to process credit card transactions.

Thursday, May 25, 2006



This site is the leading Market web site in the Phillipines,it allows user to buy products,gifts and other Promo that they offer on-line and even offer a newsletter and payment on line using credit card,even register to allow you to sell your personal product to thier web site and even allow all user to search any kind of product that they have ready for sale. This concept could be the market of he Future..... ≡

UnionBank Web Site

UnionBank Web Site

This site offers a credit card on-line application and also offers EON card which allow user to pay bills, ask balance Inquiry on line, and on line Banking.This site is a Pioneer of this kind of Services in the Phillipines, so it quite new for the pinoy web user. thier site is also a friendly user interface and quite secure web site using latest back end program.

THE E-BAY Web Site


Is an on-line buy and sell web site which alow user to search and find product on sale and even allow user to sell its own product. ebay also have its own tutorial on how to use its services and allow all user to search any kind of product that they have ready for sale.....
basically this site is a well known site for individual serching fo a more cheaper items on internet.
the thing about this site is that user are noy that sure if seller/buyer is not a froud. So if your interested using hier service be extra extra careful...

E-Census Web Site

E-Census Web Site

this web site is an E-Government site that allows as to apply for Birth/Marrige /CENOMAR certificate on-line...Its nice to know that this site is a friendly user and a very secure site w/ minimal payment and you will just wait to it to be delivered.Hope all the Government Agency will Engage in this kind of Services.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Experience at IT@COOPS

IT@COOP project is one of the greatest experince that i've ever been to...

Many learnings, And new fund Friends from all over the nation w/ different culture, and

attitude as well but non the less we become friends, brothers and sister with one goal and

vision.. its been an honor meeting them especialy the funders and the brains of this

project..Its concept starts with a dream and ends up to one of the greatest project of

Cooperative Community....Thanks to all that made this Project Possible.